“It was a great pleasure to work with Hawa. The gifts she shared has opened me up to a language of expression and networks along with the tools I need to help myself and others in the systemic and historical traumas of my people. Even though Hawa is younger than I in body, she is older and wiser than I in spirit! I look forward to working with her again in the future to creating art and social change”
- Tia Taurere-Clearsky, Filmmaker & Editor

“Hawa is incredible at using a strengths-based approach to support young people. She is committed, passionate and extremely innovative. One of the best facilitators I have ever worked with.”  
- Bruce Passmore, Executive Director Leave Out Violence BC

“I was very impressed with Hawa’s ability to facilitate difficult issues while connecting with the youth on an individual level.”
- Ese Ero, African Stages Association of British Columbia

“Hawa’s knowledge and experience in anti-oppression work and community development is impressive. She creatively combines her depth of knowledge with her passion for sharing and teaching. She is a pleasure to collaborate with given her commitment to her values and her willingness to understand other perspectives. All this and she has a wonderful sense of humour that exemplifies her keen and astute intelligence. Spend some time with her and you will quickly find out why you should find a way for her to join your organization.”
- Ian Curtin, Project Director Inner Activist

“Hawa has an amazing ability to engage and mobilize marginalized and isolated youth. I cannot stress enough my appreciation and value of the work Hawa has done in our communities and for myself. She has left truly inclusive legacies behind in the organizations that she has worked at and for.”
- iris yong pearson, Co-Executive Director PeerNet BC

“One can feel the difference in community events when Hawa is not present; she is fierce, charming, and eloquent. The HAIRSTORY launch was nothing short of a success. It brought together people of all different backgrounds around the political issue of hair. For me, a black woman who has silently struggled with loving her natural hair, the launch and specifically dialogue that occurred after the performances was empowering, therapeutic and one of the best events I have attended in Vancouver. I very much so look forward to Hawa’s future projects because Hawa’s creativity, and progressive work is always refreshing and empowering.”
- Teanna Munro, Community Activist

“I’ve had the honour of seeing Hawa engaging communities throughout BC over the past 10 years. She has a solid anti-oppression analysis and a strong background in facilitating meaningful dialogue and action.”
- Romi Chandra Herbert, Co-Executive Director PeerNet BC

“With each exchange, a seed is planted to explore and know more for all those involved, including Hawa. She is a life-long learner who never stops reflecting, questioning and moving forward.”
- Jennifer Reddy, Program Manager EIYP Vancouver School Board