Story has often been relegated to the realm of the irrational, imaginative and fiction; while history is known as the realm of the rational, reasonable and intellectual. History is made of stories. Everything is made up of stories. The story of when you stopped to say hello, or when you didn't. The story that sits like lead in your stomach, the story that comes off your tongue as joke. Stories are power and what we choose to do with them matters. The way we document, transfer, share and tell story is history. 

A great deal of my published writing can be found at MAANDEEQ while my unfiltered thoughts can be seen more frequently on twitter and tumblr

Hawa currently writes from Toronto, the lands of the Mississauga of New Credit, Haudenosaunee and Alqonquin peoples. In providing this acknowledgement, she positions her work in a broader collective call for the ongoing destruction and active dismantling of a white supremacist, settler colonial, imperialist, patriarchal and capitalist society.